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Alumni Dr. Michael S. Gordon receives UI Alumni Achievement Award

Posted: October  17, 2012 by UI Health Marketing

George T. Kondos, MD & Michael S. Gordon, MDGeorge T. Kondos, MD, professor and vice head of medicine in the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago, chief of clinical cardiology and medical director for the Heart Center for the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System welcomes inventor Dr. Michael S. Gordon to campus to accept his UI Alumni Achievement Award at the Annual Alumni Award Ceremony.

On Friday, October 12th, Michael S. Gordon ’59 COM, MD ’61 COM, MS ’61 COM received the University of Illinois Alumni Association Award. Established in 1957, this award is the highest honor bestowed upon alumni of the University of Illinois by the University of Illinois Alumni Association on behalf of the University. The award is presented to those alumni who have attained outstanding success and national or international distinction in their chosen business, profession or life’s work, and whose accomplishments reflect admirably on or bring honor to their Alma Mater. The nomination was submitted by George T. Kondos, MD, professor of medicine and vice chair for clinical affairs, Department of Medicine; chief of clinical cardiology, University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System. Dr. Kondos has had a long professional relationship with Dr. Gordon and the Gordon for Medical Training and Simulation.

Dr. Gordon has worked tirelessly over his entire career to establish medical simulation as an integral part of the educational and assessment process. Initially, Dr. Gordon’s work related only to physicians and now his present body of work brings medical simulation to nursing, paramedics, and a host of other medical practitioners.

Dr. Gordon received his undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana, and subsequent graduate degrees from the University of Illinois Graduate School and the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He completed his Internal Medicine residency training at the Mayo Clinic and Cardiology training at Georgetown University.

While at Georgetown, Dr. Gordon met Proctor Harvey, MD. Proctor Harvey served as a mentor and role model to Dr. Gordon. As a result of the work that Dr. Gordon completed with Dr. Harvey, Dr. Gordon realized the importance of the cardiac physical exam and how poorly the physical exam was taught. In 1968, Dr. Gordon presented “Harvey” the Cardiology Patient Simulator. Harvey is a life-size mannequin which is able to simulate venous, carotid and precordial pulsations as well as heart sounds of 27 different cardiac diseases. The first controlled multicenter trial supported by the NHLBI and evaluated by the Department of Medical Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago clearly demonstrated that bedskills trained with the use of Harvey translated to improved examination of actual patients. Subsequently, numerous scientific studies and papers have continued to validate the use of Harvey. Currently, Harvey is used in over 300 medical schools worldwide. Additionally, Board Certification in Canada includes a Harvey assessment component.

Dr. Gordon established a consortium of academic clinical cardiologists, to develop computerized assisted instruction learning programs. A subsequent cardiology curriculum was developed and Dr. Gordon has been instrumental in the planning of a virtual medical school. Dr. Gordon has expanded the scope of computerized instruction not only to cardiology but also to Neurology, Oncology and Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Gordon continues to be a loyal supporter to the University of Illinois College of Medicine. When anyone thinks of medical simulation the name Dr. Michael S. Gordon is immediately associated. Dr. Gordon has brought the University of Illinois many great honors and is well deserving of the University of Illinois Alumni Achievement Award.

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