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About Us

The mission of the patient care clinics of the UI Health College of Dentistry is to provide quality oral health care services to a diverse group of patients in a professional, caring, efficient, and safe environment. The students, faculty, and staff of the College achieve this mission by:

  • Striving to provide a high level of care to all College patients in a manner which places priority on the needs of the patient within the profession's standards of care
  • Interacting with every individual, patient, and co-worker with respect at all times
  • Dressing and acting in a manner which conveys caring, competence, and professionalism
  • Being prepared and helpful under all circumstances
  • Demonstrating a commitment to continually enhancing our knowledge, skill, and judgment
  • Maintaining an environment which is neat, clean, efficient, and safe
  • Maintaining a positive atmosphere of cooperation, sharing, and teamwork, with appreciation for the unique contributions of each member of the College community to the achievement of our goals.

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