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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the College of Dentistry different from a private practice?

The College of Dentistry is an educational facility. The teaching clinics at the College offer a complete range of dental and oral health services. The teaching clinics are primarily scheduled for patients who have dental treatment needs that correspond to the teaching needs of our students. The teaching clinics operate on a reduced fee schedule (except for the Allen W. Anderson Faculty Dental Practice). The cost of treatment provided by students is lower than private practitioners, but will take longer than in most private dental offices.

How do I become a patient of the College of Dentistry?

To determine if you would be a suitable candidate for treatment in the College of Dentistry you must schedule a screening appointment in our Adult Comprehensive Care program. Screenings for children 14 and under are available by appointment in our Pediatric Dental Clinic.

I have a toothache; can the College of Dentistry help me?

The College of Dentistry provides Urgent Care by appointment only. Emergency problems (for example, swelling and infection) are evaluated on a daily basis.

For information on scheduling an Urgent Care appointment for patients age 15 and over please call our Adult Urgent Care scheduling line 312.996.8636

For information on scheduling an Urgent Care appointment for patients age 14 and under please call our Pediatric Urgent Care scheduling line at 312.413.0972.

Please note: to provide needed educational experiences for our students, urgent care patients (except for referrals from private practitioners for specific specialty treatment) need to become comprehensive patients via the College screening protocol.

I have tried calling to schedule an appointment but no-one answers when I call; are your phones working?

Scheduling phone lines for our Adult Comprehensive Care, Adult Urgent Care and Pediatric Urgent Care programs are staffed only during posted hours. If you are calling during posted scheduling hours and receive a message we are mostly likely on the line working with another prospective patient. Please try your call again. Unfortunately, there are more people seeking treatment in our student clinics that we can accept and phone lines are often tied up, your patience is appreciated.

Who provides the treatment in a Dental School?

Care in our student teaching clinics is provided by students learning to become dentists or dental specialists. All treatments are carefully supervised by experienced dental faculty.

What if I cannot afford treatment?

The College of Dentistry operates on a fee for service fee schedule and payment is due at the time of service. Routinely, the College does not provide financing or payment plans for services provided. In addition to all major credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover, American Express) the College also accepts cash, personal check and money orders.

Do you accept private dental insurance and Medicaid?

The College of Dentistry does not accept private insurance in our student dental clinics. Many (not all) of our clinics do accept the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services Medical Card (Medicaid / Public Aid) however it is important to note that the Medical Card does not provide coverage for all services. Patients with the Medical Card are expected to pay, at the time of treatment, for any service that is not covered or denied due to coverage limitations.

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