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The Family Birth Place

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  The Family Birth Place is a patient-centered environment committed to giving mothers the most up-to-date and supportive care during their pregnancy and on their delivery day. We are proud to offer:

  • 24-hour physician and midwife attendants
  • Excellent nursing
  • Level 3 newborn nursery (ability to care for extremely premature infants)
  • Centralized fetal monitoring
  • Non-medical support: birthing balls, squating position, and more
  • 24-hour OB anesthesia access
  • Outstanding breastfeeding support, including a full-time lactation consultant and trained postpartum nurses
  • Free prenatal classes
  • Choice of a family physician or pediatrician to care for your newborn

Your Pregnancy Stages

Beginning (Up to 3 Months, aka First Trimester):
During this first trimester it is important to visit your health care provider once per month.  Your first visit will be much longer than the following appointments.  Your prenatal visits will be every 4 weeks. Your maternity provider will ask you about your health history, do an exam, and order pregnancy-related blood tests.  An ultrasound will be offered at 10-13 weeks as the first part of a genetic screen.

Mid (4 to 6 months, aka Second Trimester):
For the second trimester, you will visit your maternity provider monthly.  The second part of genetic screening is offered at 4 months.  An ultrasound is ordered at around 5 months for anatomy and more blood tests occur at 6 months usually.

End (7 to 9+ months, aka Third Trimester):
In the last trimester of your pregnancy, your prenatal visits occur every 1-2 weeks in order to prepare you for labor, delivery and post-birth health care.


Its important to work with your primary care provider to begin your prenatal routine as soon as possible. However, if you do not have a primary care provider, we are here to help. Please Click here to see a list of primary care professionals at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System.

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