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Our Team

Our Inpatient Administrative Team

Maria T. Caserta, MD, PhD
Director, Inpatient Psychiatry

Barbara Washington RN
Associate Director of Nursing

Lori Carr RN
Administrative Nurse I/Unit Manager

Sarah Skinner Med, OTR/L
Team Leader, Psychiatric Occupational/Music Therapy

Helen J Montgomery, LCSW
Visiting Director, Psychiatric Admissions and Psychiatric Social Work

Inpatient Treatment Teams

Mood & Anxiety Disorders Team:
Maria T Caserta, MD, PhD
Ginjer Hoop, MD
Rajiv Sharma, MD
Teresa Sripada, MD
Megan Seliga, LCSW
Sarah Skinner, Med, OTR/L

Neuropsychiatry Team:
Eric Gausche, MD
Micheal Shrift, MD
Jamie Haley, LCSW
Christine Finnegan, OTR/L

Psychotic Disorders Team:
Sean Conrin, MD
Hugo Solari, MD
Cara Bonwell, LCSW
Erinn Riley, BC-MT

Women's Mental Health Team:
Sittanur Shoush, MD
Marcela Almeida, MD
Erin Tobin, LCSW
Gabriela Jacquez, COTA/L

Each of Our Inpatient Teams is Assisted By:


Our nursing experts deliver the highest standards of care. They are sensitive to the uniqueness of each patient and their families. The team welcomes ever-changing technology while respecting each patient. Compassion remains at the core of our nursing care.

The nursing team includes a Nurse Manager and Clinical Nurse Specialist. Our staff consists of Bachelors and Masters prepared nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses, and Baccalaureate prepared Mental Health Counselors. Our program supports the continuing education of staff and research.

We are committed to fostering respect, positive communication and collaboration among all team members. 

Music & Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists help assess each patient's current level of functioning. They look closely at a patient's everyday routines, interests, environment, life roles, process and communication skills. The occupational therapist, together with music therapists, lead various treatment groups. The groups help patients:

  • Develop coping skills
  • Communicate positively with others
  • Enjoy recreation and diversion
  • Demonstrate their functional skill level so the team can properly assess them

Treatment groups are designed to meet individual needs; some groups are for all patients while others target individual symptoms.

Social Workers

The Inpatient Psychiatric Team includes four social workers. They assist with the psychosocial assessment of each patient, and with interventions aimed at helping a patient become (and remain) stable during and following the hospitalization. Social workers educate patients, explore treatment options, strengthen a patient's support network and help patients overcome obstacles to treatment. They are advocates for patients who struggle with the symptoms of mental illness.

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