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Weight Management

What is Weight Management?

Weight management means keeping your body weight healthy. This involves regular exercise and a healthy diet. The scope of a medical weight management practice is to assess nutrient intake and medical risk factors associated with weight.

At the University Of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System, we understand weight loss on an individual level. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists are here to help diagnose and provide personal treatment options based on an individual's needs and habits. The Weight Management Program is based on the philosophy of focusing on achieving improved health through reasonable long term goals. The initial visit to our clinic involves a thorough nutrition evaluation. It is from these evaluations that goals are established and the treatment plan is initiated.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that obesity results from a combination of genetic influences and lifestyle patterns that may lead to serious medical problems (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis). Therefore, our weight management programs are physician-monitored and designed to improve health through sustained weight loss based on reasonable long-term goals.

Our Services
Non-surgical Weight Loss Programs:

All programs are followed by our Physician Nutrition Specialist (MD).

Conservative, Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program:
For those patients interested in non-surgical weight loss, the Registered Dietitian (RD) is the initial practitioner whom the patient will encounter. The initial visit to our clinic involves a thorough nutrition assessment by a Registered Dietitian (RD) followed by a medical nutrition evaluation with our Physician Nutrition Specialist (MD. Weight loss goals are then implemented with the patient and follow ups are made to assess progress.

Nutrition and Wellness Boot Camp:
This twice weekly class offers a structured diet, as well as group physical activity. The participant will learn about all aspects of nutrition from weight loss to improving overall health through nutrition.

EZ Weight Loss:
EZ Weight Loss is based on one-on-one visits with our Registered Dietitian/Certified Personal Trainer.This program is less structured in that it is ideal for the “take charge” individual who wants to have an active role in planning their weight loss strategies. It allows the patient to guide what is discussed at visits and make a more personalized plan for weight loss and health with the RD.

Bariatric Nutrition 101:
In this 1-hour class the basic nutrition & lifestyle principles of the bariatric surgery patient is reviewed.  This class is a mandatory component of the pre-surgery weight loss process.

Surgical Weight Loss Program (Bariatric Surgery):

Our Bariatric Surgery program offers several surgical options. Most insurance companies require "Medically Supervised Weight Loss" that consists of 3-18 months of visits with our Physician and Dietitian prior to being approved for surgery. Additionally, a Bariatric Nutrition class is required as part of the learning process in preparation for long-term success.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary weight management team includes a board-certified Internist who is also a Physician Nutrition Specialist, Registered Dietitians, nurse practitioners, highly-experienced bariatric surgeons, and plastic surgeons specializing in body contouring procedures. Psychological and psychiatric support services are also available. Once admitted to the hospital, our experienced team of nurses works with your surgeons. Using the latest technology combined with a healing touch, our nursing staff will help you down the road to recovery.

Weight Management Program Director
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery
Physician Nutrition Specialist

Registered Dietitian
AG weight loss
Conservative and Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss

Registered Dietitian
Bariatric Dietitian

Registered Dietitian
EZ Weight Loss
Conservative and Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss

Assistant Professor of Surgery
Bariatric Surgeon

Our Locations

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