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Patient Stories

Every year our physicians and staff care for many patients. We're proud to share some of their stories with you.

Robotic Surgery - Personal Trainer Brian Schoenborn


Only a handful of surgeons can perform the procedure that saved his life and helped get Brian back … Read More »

Gus is Living Life to the Fullest


Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at an early age, Gus has faced his fair share of challenges. With hel… Read More »

Physicians Listened to More Than Just Her Heart


After being diagnosed with heart failure and high blood pressure medications where switched and hea… Read More »

UI Health Gave Him The Kidney Transplant That No Other Hospital Could.


The kidney transplant that no other hospital could after being diagnosed with focal segmental glome… Read More »

Dave Marszalek Found An All-Star Team To Save His Life


Walter Payton Liver Center has all-star team to save his life.… Read More »

Thanks To Two Special Children and Her Doctors’ Skill, Amy Chan Says “Yes” To Life.


As my liver continued to fail, so did my health and after intricate split liver surgery I had a new… Read More »

Irene Baylon Never Imagined Knee Pain Would End Up Saving Her Life.


Knee pain saved Irene's life from pulmonary hypertension, a life-threatening condition.… Read More »

Rocio Prieto's Severe Asthma and Allergies Impacted Her Career, Her Relationships, Even Her Fashion Choices


Good candidate for allergy treatment for sever asthma and allergies.… Read More »

Commitment of a lifetime


So impressed Jeannette Moore started to work with Mile Square Health Center. … Read More »

Six kids–not a problem when you have a Mile Square Health Center on your side


Janiece Nelson chose Mile Square Health Center, a part of the University of Illinois Hospital & Hea… Read More »

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