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About Us

Why are we here?
To help people, just like you, who need us most.

The University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System (UI Health) is dedicated to health equity. We believe everyone should have access to world-class health care, which is why we aim to be more accessible, and more reliable, all while providing the best care.

You can visit UI Health across Chicago and in Cicero.  We have nearly a dozen community health centers, a major outpatient building with more than 20 clinics, and a large academic hospital spread across UI Health.  From Englewood to Humboldt Park to Cicero and more, UI Health and our Mile Square health centers have you covered.

You won't find another health system in Chicago like UI Health that combines academic health care and community care.  You get the benefit of being connected to your care provider and to researchers who do amazing things. For example, our providers and researchers have given sickle cell patients a new life. They've found a functional cure that keeps patients pain free and out of the hospital.

UI Health is the place where our providers teach the future doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare workers for Illinois how to be the best.

When you come to UI Health you are getting all of us caring for you.  Your health and UI Health, creating healthier communities, one patient at a time. One more way we're changing medicine, for good. 

About UI Health

Patient Care
By treating each patient as an individual, with respect for diverse cultures and unique needs for healing, we will demonstrate that we care not only for you, but also about you, helping your healing and easing your healthcare journey. We want to be known as the best in the country at getting into communities and actually restoring health equality and improving quality of life. For more information about specific healthcare needs visit our list of Patient Care Services.

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is the state's principal educator of health professionals. For more on education, visit the following pages:

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