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The University of Illinois Cancer Center is proud to offer comprehensive cancer care and treats both common and rare cancers.  Our treatment program has been accredited by the Commission on Cancer, a consortium of professional organizations dedicated to improving survival and quality of life for cancer patients.  Only one in four hospitals treating cancer receives this accreditation, which means you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality care from diagnosis through treatment. 

Our outstanding team of doctors, nurses, and other care providers is committed to providing encouragement and support to patients and their families.  In addition to top-quality medical care and state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options, you will have access to valuable information resources, educational opportunities, support groups and services, and more. 

Blood and Marrow Transplant Jonathan

"I really feel the stem cell transfusion cured my leukemia."

Blood & Marrow - Biking Past Leukemia

Every step of the way, we are here for you.

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Cancer Center
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1801 West Taylor
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Some of your appointments may also be held in the Surgery Center located in Clinic 3F.  

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312.355.1625    (1E, Cancer Center)
312.355.4300    (3F, Surgery Center)

The University of Illinois Cancer Center's Lung Cancer Program is honored to receive designation from the Lung Cancer Alliance. The Alliance serves as a foundation of resources for lung cancer. This services patients in all capacities, with links to basic information about lung cancer treatment, screening, and prevention; assisting patients with financial needs; options for psychosocial support; access to available clinical trials; financial and legal assistance; and resources for veterans. Programs that are designated by the Alliance are recognized for their multidisciplinary approach to lung cancer and well-integrated in the most updated research and technology available. The University of Illinois Lung Cancer Program is proud to be part of this alliance.