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Liver Transplant

Liver transplant is the definitive treatment for people with complications of end-stage liver disease and selected cases of liver cancers. The UI Health Liver Transplant Program was launched in 1985 and is led by a group of experienced and pioneering surgeons. Our program has been a leader in the transplant community, with a number of landmark achievements.

In 1998, the first adult-adult living donor transplantation in the United States was performed at UI Health. Our surgeons since have performed numerous living donor surgeries. With thousands of patients awaiting liver transplant and a small number of available deceased organs, the program offers a unique opportunity for transplantation.

Our hepatologists provide consistent and cohesive quality of care for patients through every step of the transplantation journey. Patients who require a liver transplant will begin their care and evaluation at the Bobbie and Marvin Fink Family Liver Clinic, and they will continue their post transplant care with the same team of hepatologists.