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Every time you touch an object, make a decision, or smile at someone you love, you rely on your nervous system. Your nervous system carries information from your brain to other parts of your body, and vice versa.

At UI Health, we offer advanced care for the prevention and management of neurological conditions that affect this system. Our Neurosciences Center offers the premier stroke and brain aneurysm treatment in the area and our neurosurgery team is part of the Neuropsychiatric Institute, a world leader in Neurosurgery established in the 1940's.

When it comes to neurosurgery and treatment for neurological conditions, UI Health offers many advantages, including the latest diagnostic imaging and surgery techniques. We are national leaders in surgical and minimally invasive treatment of cerebrovascular and spinal diseases. Our neurosurgeons have also led the way in led the way in groundbreaking research in stroke, aneurysm, brain tumors, degenerative spinal disease, and pain management.

Some of our many firsts include:

  • First in the state for treating the largest number of patients with brain aneurysms in the last decade, more than any other hospital in Illinois.
  • The first and one of the few fully integrated, consensus based, multidisciplinary centers for aneurysm care.
  • The first to treat aneurysms without surgery in the Midwest (through coil-embolization).
  • The first to use glue for the treatment of Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM)
  • The first to develop and implement the Flow-assisted surgical techniques (F.A.S.T) bypass method for treating complex aneurysms.
  • The first to perform laser-assisted bypass in the Midwest.
  • One of the first and largest fully dedicated neurosurgical intensive care units in the country, and in many cases, has successfully treated patients turned away from other major medical centers.

Complex Stroke Care