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Embryo, Egg, & Sperm Freezing

Embryo Freezing

Embryo cryopreservation is a method used to preserve embryos by cooling and storing them at low temperatures. They can then be thawed at a future date and transferred to the uterus, providing additional opportunity for achieving a pregnancy.

Worldwide, cryopreservation of human embryos has been shown to be a successful procedure and there are no reports of increased birth defects in pregnancies achieved through this process.

Successful freezing of human embryos has been achieved for many years using a "slow" method. However, recent data have indicated that an "ultra-rapid" approach can enhance further embryo survival and pregnancy rates. The University of Illinois IVF laboratory has been using ultra-rapid freezing (vitrification) since May 2009 with great success and will continue to assess any future advances in the area of embryo freezing to provide the best service to our patients.

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IVF Laboratory Director

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Egg Freezing

The University of Illinois IVF Laboratory offers a program of egg freezing for medical and non-medical indications.  The Egg Freezing Program is offered as part of an IRB-approved research protocol to determine the long-term benefits and outcomes associated with the use of egg freezing.

University of Illinois Fertility Center
Humberto Scoccia, MD
Principal Investigator

Nicola Winston, PhD
Musa Zamah, MD, PhD

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Sperm Freezing

Our Andrology Laboratory offers a patient (or Client Depositor) Sperm Bank service for long-term storage of an individual's sperm for reasons such as reduction in fertility potential, prior to chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy for male oncology, or prior to vasectomy.  The Patient Sperm Bank is also used to store sperm extracted from the testes in the operating room, a procedure referred to as TESE (testicular sperm extraction).  Sperm from a TESE procedure can be stored short-term or long-term for subsequent use with the ICSI-IVF procedure for pregnancy attempts.  Please click here for more information regarding the University of Illinois Andrology Laboratory. 

University of Illinois Andrology Laboratory
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