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Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU)

At UI Health's Pediatrics & Pediatrics Intensive Care Units, we are a patient-centered organization where children comes first! As a 24-bed, PCCC Certified facility, we are well-recognized by the state of Illinois, and will provide your child support by our advanced trained pediatricians, surgeons, subspecialties, and nurses to ensure you are receiving the best care possible.

Support for Families

Child Life is an integral part of a patient's hospital stay. Our Child Life Specialist works with patients and their families by providing support through therapeutic play. In our newly renovated playroom, children will participate in arts and crafts projects, play games, watch movies, and interact with other patients. Each activity is age-appropriate to benefit the patient's needs. The Child Life Specialist works with patients to help ease fears and anxiety relating to the hospital setting. With our patient puppet, Zoey, we are able to demonstrate what will happen during a procedure and allow play opportunities for patients to be "the doctor." Zoey also is used in our videos to better prepare patients for upcoming procedures, such as surgery, MRI, IV, CT Scan, and EEG. In a newly renovated treatment room, doctors and nurses might perform many procedures that used to be done bedside. Doing procedures in the treatment room, with the help of Child Life, helps minimize patient pain and results in a more positive healthcare experience. The Child Life Specialist is here to help make your hospital experience as easy as possible.

Special events that take place at Pediatrics Intensive Care Units:

  • Pet therapy
  • Movie nights
  • Snow City Arts
  • Special groups/entertainers
  • Holiday Parties
  • New, handmade blankets delivered to the patients
  • Donations

Tips for a Successful Hospital Experience:

  • Parents are encouraged to stay bedside with their child.
  • Bring a favorite personal item from home, such as a toy, blanket, or stuffed animal.
  • Bring underwear, pajamas, and slippers.
  • Bring our own personal toiletries.