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Bariatric Surgery Program

CONGRATULATIONS! You are about to take your first step on your weight loss journey!

1. Call Now for Your Appointment: 312.996.5100 or 312.355.4300   

We will accommodate your appointment with your surgeon within 2 weeks of your call, or the earliest time available.  This allows sufficient time for our Insurance Coordinator to verify that bariatric surgery is covered under your plan.

2. Attend Support Group Session  

The Bariatric Surgery Support Group Session is an IMPORTANT  first step prior to the appointment with your surgeon (no payment required)

- To complete our online session please click here
- You will need to attend at least one in person support group session. Please click here and choose a date that would best work for you (no appointment necessary)

3. Meet Your Surgeon

Your appointment with the surgeon is confirmed once our Insurance Coordinator has determined and obtained approval from your provider for bariatric coverage. On the day of your appointment, you will have a consultation with your surgeon to discuss your surgical options. Surgery clinic is located in the Outpatient Care Center, 1801 W Taylor St, Clinic 3F.

4. Monthly Nutritional Consultations

You will need to see the dietician monthly. The number of visits will depend on your insurance requirements.

5. Medical Clearances

Visits to other doctors such as the heart doctor (cardiologist), a lung doctor (pulmonologist), a diabetes doctor (endocrinologist) or any other specialists may be necessary prior to surgery. 

6. Psychological Evaluation

There are several psychological reasons that can contribute to obesity. Exploring and understanding these factors can help in achieving successful weight loss. All patients are required to undergo a psychological evaluation and clearance prior to surgery.  

7. Obtain Clearance from Your Insurance Provider

Once we have received all your medical clearances, our office will submit your information to your insurance provider and obtain insurance approval for your surgical procedure (This may take several weeks depending on your provider).

8. Pre-operation and Anesthesia Appointment

3-4 weeks prior to your scheduled surgery, you will meet the surgeon and receive your final instructions for diet and surgery preparation, as well as complete any outstanding tests that may be necessart. You will also have your anesthesia appointment for surgical clearance.

9. The Day of Surgery

The day before your surgery, please call 312.413.7874 between 2-4 pm to find out arrival time on the day of surgery. Please note: if your surgery is on Monday, please call the Friday before.

Please refer to your pre-op instructions for specific dietary guidelines.

10. Support after Surgery

We offer monthly support groups that you can attend where various topics are discussed. You can also meet with other who have undergone similar weight loss procedures during these sessions.
Click here for more information and schedule.

11. Post-surgical Body Contouring

Our program has plastic surgeons who can assist in the transformation process following dramatic weight loss (usually 18 months following surgery).

Please check with your insurance provider and physician to see if this is an option for you. 

We are excited to be part of your journey. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way to ensure you reach YOUR GOAL!

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