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Screening Saves Lives

Early detection saves lives.

Know when to get screened. 

At UI Health, we recommend:

  • Women begin annual screening mammograms at age 40.
  • Women who are at an increased risk of breast cancer, for example due to family history breast cancer or a personal history of chest radiation for lymphoma, should have a conversation with their doctor about earlier screening and additional breast screening tests, such as MRI.
  • Women ages 35 to 39 may obtain one baseline mammogram. 
  • Screening should continue as long as a woman is in good health and is expected to live 5 more years or longer.

UI Health offers:

  • Same day or next day appointments at our Outpatient Care Center and Mile Square Health Center
  • Timely results
  • Patient centered care from expert technicians and staff
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Early Detection Saves Lives


Mammograms Save Lives