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Your Kidney Transplant Options

Types of Kidney Transplant

At the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System Transplant Program, we offer different types of kidney transplant options that other hospitals often do not offer. Please look at the short description of each type below and click on the title to the left for more information about each specific type.

Living Donor: When someone living who is related or unrelated would like to donate their kidney.

Robotic Kidney transplantation in Overweight/Obese: Because of robotic technology, we are the only center in the world that is able to successfully transplant overweight recipients.

ABO Incompatible/Positive Crossmatch: Sometimes a patient may have high antibodies (what wants to reject the new organ) or they may have a donor with an incompatible blood type. We have been successful in finding ways for both types to still be transplanted.

Paired Donor Exchange: Paired donor exchanges anonymously match up compatible donors and recipients when a suitable donor cannot be found through family and friends.

Cadaver Kidney Transplant: When a living donor is not available, getting a kidney from someone who has passed away is the other option.

Pediatric Kidney Transplant: Over the last 40 years, the team has successfully treated a large number of children with kidney failure.