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UI Team RX

UI Team RX provides coordinated prescription filling, which includes medication reconciliation, with comprehensive medication review and disease state management when applicable. 

UI TEAM RX has 3 Primary Goals

  1. Minimizing safety risk,
  2. Improving medication adherence, which should result in achievement of individualized patient health goals and
  3. Reducing overall cost of providing health care.  

Who is this program designed for?

Patients with multiple disease states and multiple medications requiring monitoring and coordination for a convenience once a month prescription pick up.

How do they sign up for it, or use it?

Speak with a member of the pharmacy staff

What pharmacies are this available at?

Outpatient Care Center (OCC)
Wood Street Pharmacy (PCC)
Mile Square Pharmacy (MS)
Taylor Street Pharmacy (EEI)
University Village Pharmacy (UVP)

Who should they see or call if they have questions?

Pharmacy staff