UI Health Celebrates Jewish American Heritage Month 2024

Dr. H. Robert Horvitz
Dr. H. Robert Horvitz

This May, UI Health proudly celebrates Jewish American Heritage Month, recognizing the profound contributions of Jewish Americans in healthcare and culture. From historical neighborhoods like West Rogers Park and Hyde Park to monumental medical discoveries by Chicago natives like Dr. H. Robert Horvitz, Jewish Americans have deeply influenced our society.

We encourage all UI Health staff to participate and share their experiences this month, helping build an inclusive and understanding community. For more information about cultural and heritage events and other initiatives, please contact the Office of Diversity and Community Health Equity at UIHealthdiversity@uic.edu.

The Committee for Anti-Racism & Equity is looking for new committee members. Please consider joining and being a part of the Cultural & Heritage subcommittee. We often hear how much attendees have enjoyed participating in our Cultural and Heritage Month events and appreciate the space to build community with their colleagues. Your ideas and insights are welcome here. Fill out our online interest form or email UIHealthdiversity@uic.edu to express your interest.


Read more about the achievements and contributions of Jewish Americans in our community throughout the years.