UIC NightRide
UIC Night Ride provides a safe and dependable means for students, staff, and authorized visitors of the UIC community to move about within the boundaries of the represented service area after the cessation of our intracampus fixed-route transportation services.
Phone: 312.996.6800

UIC Police Department
Emergency, UIC Police Department: 312.355.5555
From a campus phone: 5-5555
Non-Emergency, UIC Police Department: 312.996.2830

UIC Safe App
The UIC Safe App includes advanced functionalities that allow users to quickly and easily share important information with campus officials - such as reporting a crime or tip to the UIC Police, sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator, student or academic misconduct to the Dean of Students, or accessibility issues to the Disability Resource Center. Users can also use the app to access UIC's Emergency Response Guidelines to learn about their response options during campus emergencies - such as what to do if ever confronted by an active threat or shooter.

Walking Safety Escort
This service is an alternative to walking alone at night, on and around campus. A member of the security team (Student Patrol or Police Officer) will be dispatched to your location. Escorts should be requested 10 to 15 minutes before your departure to allow for proper availability of security personnel.
Phone: 312.996.2830