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How Do I Login

American Medical Association GME Competency Education Program (GCEP)

To login, click on login.ama-assn.org/account/login use your UIC email address as your username and the temporary password is 'gcep'.

If you have an existing AMA account, that login information should be used. If you do not recall your password, then click "forgot username or password" on the sign in page to reset it, using your UIC email for the reset instructions.

Benefits Enrollment (myBenefits)

To help you manage and learn more about your current insurance benefits, make enrollment decisions, change your current coverage, and find contact information for all your plan administrators, review the Steps to Complete MyBenefits (PDF), then go to: mybenefits.illinois.gov.

Hospital Network, including Cerner, Email, and Password Station

The user will receive a secure email from UI Health ServiceNow which includes the username and password. The login will have an expiration date. The user should login to a hospital network computer and change this password to a 12-character passphrase.

If a UI Hospital network computer is unavailable and the initial logon is remote, the user can logon to the hospital employee portal at employee.hospital.uic.edu and will be prompted to change the password.

Regardless of the method the user chooses to change the initial password, the user should enroll in Password Station at password.hospital.uic.edu for self-servicing this account's password.

If the user has trouble logging on to the Hospital network, the user should contact the GME Office for a password reset at 312.996.2933.

PLEASE NOTE: If a Cerner account was requested, the IS Training Team will assign training and directly notify the user via email. The Cerner account will be fully activated and the user will get directly notified via email only after all LMS Cerner training is completed.

If additional application access was requested, the user will be directly notified via email after the access is granted.

Illinois License and Extensions

To apply for an Illinois license or request an extension, visit the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) website: idfpr.com/profs/Physicians.asp.

Illinois Mandatory Ethics Training

Ethics training for medical residents is available online, year-round (January 1-December 31) for completion at: Seasonal, Temporary and Medical Resident Training.

Learning Management System (LMS)

To assist users with logging into in the Learning Management System (LMS) review the Quick Start Guide (PDF), then launch LMS courses: uihealth.netdimensions.com/uic/servlet/ekp?TX=WIDGETCONTAINERPAGE .

Medicare Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System (PECOS)

To access Internet-based PECOS, individual practitioners must have an active user account in the National Provider and Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES). Individual practitioners must also have an active National Provider Index (NPI).

If you work on behalf of a provider organization, you must have a user account (User ID/password) and be associated to an organization NPI via the PECOS Identity and Access Management (I&A) system.

Once a user account is established, he/she can log on to Internet-based PECOS. The Welcome page is the first page the user will see once he/she is logged on. If you work on behalf of a provider organization and do not have a web user account, click Register for a User Account from the PECOS login page: pecos.cms.hhs.gov.

National Provider Index (NPI)

To obtain a NPI, go to https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov/NPPES/.