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Well-Being at UI Health


The Department of Graduate Medical Education is committed to ensuring that residents and fellows remain physically and mentally healthy while completing their training program. Residency can be an inherently stressful time, and it is important to take care of yourself so that you can get the most out of your educational experience.


GME Important Numbers
PDF: GME Important Numbers

GME Policy Manual
PDF: GME Policy Manual

GME Well-Being Resources Guide
PDF: GME Well-Being Resources Guide

COVID-19 Emotional Support Line
COVID-19 Emotional Support Line for healthcare workers and other hospital support staff involved in the care of patients diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19. The Support Line team consists of a multidisciplinary group of clinicians — including psychiatrists, social workers, and psychologists — familiar with crisis management and psychological first aid techniques aimed at fostering resilience and adaptation. It will be led by Erin Tobin, LCSW, supervisor of Behavioral Health Social Work in the Department of Health Social Work.
You can reach the Support Line at 312.996.4432.
Ms. Tobin will answer your call and conduct a brief intake. Next, you will receive a return call in less than 30 minutes from a member of the Support Line team. Depending on the nature of the challenges you are facing, you will receive support over the telephone for one or several calls. If you are interested in additional help, we can connect you with resources either within UI Health or at an outside agency. The COVID-19 Support Line will be available Monday–Friday, 9 am through 5 pm.
This resource is meant to complement other resources that are available to you within UI Health or privately. Remember, there are other resources available to you as a UI Health employee, including UIC Employee Assistance Services (contact Geri Biamonte at 312.996.3588) and Magellan Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a 24/7 support line, at 866.659.3848.

A new suite of resources designed to promote well-being among residents, fellows, faculty members, and others in the GME community is now available on demand. This initial set of AWARE resources focuses on individual strategies for cognitive skill building, and includes a video workshop, podcasts, and the ACGME AWARE app. Institution and program leaders, as well as faculty members, residents, and fellows, are encouraged to download these educational resources for use or integration into local curricula to mitigate the effects of stress, prevent burnout, and foster well-being among members of the GME community.
Website: https://acgme.org/What-We-Do/Initiatives/Physician-Well-Being/AWARE-Well-Being-Resources

Anonymous Mental Health Screening Tool
Help Yourself. Help Others. Everyone experiences stress, sadness, and anxiety from time to time—it’s part of life. But if you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or unable to do the things you once enjoyed, it may be time to assess your emotional health. If you are concerned about yourself or someone you love, take a few minutes to complete an anonymous self-assessment.
Website: https://www.helpyourselfhelpothers.org/

Clinical Employee Assistance Services at UIC
Clinical Employee Assistance Services is a confidential counseling resource that specializes in working with employees and their family members who are experiencing personal problem(s) that may be affecting the employee's job performance. The assistance program is available to help clarify issues, identify resources and offer follow-up assistance as needed.
Clinical Sciences North (CSN)
820 S. Wood Street, Room 365
Phone: 312.996.3588
Hours: 7:30 am - 5 pm, Monday-Friday

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
EAP provides a valuable resource for support and information during difficult times. The EAP is a free, voluntary and confidential program that provides problem identification, counseling and referral services for employees and their covered dependents regardless of the health plan chosen. Employees will be directed to counseling services to assist them with a variety of concern
Phone: 866.659.3848
Website: EAP

GME Confidential Resident Hotline
If you have an issue relating to your residency program that you don't feel comfortable discussing with your chief resident or program director, please call the GME Resident Hotline.
Phone: 312.996.8662

JBVA Equal Employment Opportunity Office Contacts
EEO Manager: Darryll Woodson, Room 6471, Darryll.Woodson@va.gov, 312.569.6208
EEO Specialist: Dawn Colar, Room 6468, Dawn.Colar@va.gov, 312.569.6584
EEO Assistant: Christiana Belcher, Room 6469, Christiana.Belcher@va.gov, 312.569.6162

Mental Health Resources (UIC Counseling Center)
Sometimes, all you need to get through a stressful time are some online resources. Other times, online resources are a helpful addition to other therapeutic services. While visiting the site, please consider taking an anonymous mental health screener, or look at the resources for stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, grief and loss, or tragedy.
Website: UIC Counseling Center Mental Health Resources

UIC Night Ride provides a safe and dependable means for students, staff, and authorized visitors of the UIC community to move about within the boundaries of the represented service area after the cessation of our intracampus fixed-route transportation services.
Phone: 312.996.6800
Website: NightRide

Office for Access and Equity (OAE)
As part of the Office of the Chancellor, OAE strives to increase access to employment, programs, and services in an environment free of unlawful discrimination and harassment.
809 S. Marshfield Avenue, Room 717
Phone: 312.996.8670
Website: OAE
Email: oae@uic.edu

Office of Applied Psychological Services (OAPS)
OAPS is a mental health clinic in the Psychology Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). OAPS serves the UIC community, including faculty, staff, and students, as well as those living or working in the greater Chicago-area.
Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB)
1007 West Harrison Street, Room 3011A
Phone: 312.996.2540
Website: OAPS

Office of International Services (OIS)
OIS supports new international students through the transition to life in the US and study at UIC during International Student Orientation.
Student Services Building (SSB)
1200 W. Harrison Street (MC 326), Room 2160
Phone: 312.996.3121
Website: OIS
Email: ois@uic.edu

Police/Student Patrol Escort
Students, faculty, and staff may request an escort to accompany them to their campus destination on foot by calling 312-996-2830.

Resident Forum
The Resident Forum provides all residents and fellows with a venue where they can anonymously voice concerns about issues that affect all UI Health residents and fellows.
Location: TBD
Date: TBD

Resiliency Center
The University of Illinois College of Medicine Student Resiliency Center provides mental health services to UI COM medical and graduate students.
1601 W. Taylor Street, Room 441
Phone: 312.413.1225
Hours: Visit website
Website: Resiliency Center

UIC Counseling Center
The Counseling Center provides diverse services to help students deal with stress, handle a crisis or trauma, cope with the transition to college, gain strength from gender and cultural identity, or manage serious mental illness and many other issues. Our counselors can help students increase resilience and positive well-being by developing effective coping and problem-solving skills.
Student Services Building (SSB)
1200 West Harrison, Suite 2010
Phone: 312.996.3490
Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Monday-Friday
Website: UIC Counseling Center

UIC Safe App
The UIC Safe App includes advanced functionalities that allow users to quickly and easily share important information with campus officials – such as reporting a crime or tip to the UIC Police, sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator, student or academic misconduct to the Dean of Students, or accessibility issues to the Disability Resource Center. Users can also use the app to access UIC’s Emergency Response Guidelines to learn about their response options during campus emergencies – such as what to do if ever confronted by an active threat or shooter.
Website: UIC Safe App

UIC Sports & Fitness Center
The Sport & Fitness Center is the hub of recreational activity on the west campus. The facility is located in the middle of the Illinois Medical District and adjacent to the UIC Student Center West.
828 S. Wolcott Avenue
Website: UIC Sports & Fitness Center

University Health Service (UHS)
The department's mission is to promote the health of the employee, volunteer, or student throughout their work at the University.
Medical Sciences Building (MSB)
835 S. Wolcott Avenue Room E-144
Phone: 312.996.7420
Email: uhsclinic@uic.edu

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