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Our DAISY Nurses

5W Peds TeamMaria Luisa Pabellano, RN, PCCN
from 6W Step-Down

Maria Luisa Pabellano, staff nurse from 6W Step-Down, is a nurse truly deserving of the Daisy Award nomination. She never hesitates to take the most difficult of patients, and then gives it her all for patient care. Luisa works tirelessly to provide not only excellent nursing care to her patients, but also gives them the moral support and comfort. Luisa has a calm manner, and demonstrates the same caring, concern, and compassion for all of her patients. She has top-notch skills, demonstrates a high level of critical thinking at all times, and is always a team player. Her first concern is patient care and safety collaborating with all members of the health care team.


AuroraAurora Bella Miske, RN
from 5E Surgery 

Aurora Bella received her nomination from a patient in 5E Surgery.  Aurora goes far and beyond regular nursing care by showing deep, genuine care, and understanding the patients' physical and emotional needs. She also has the ability to lift patients' spirits, or to simply to be with them and hold their hand when they are in pain.  Aurora is concerned about the concerns of her patients.  She has is more than a nurse; she is an angel to many patients.

BonnieBonnie Tamillo, R.N.
from MSICU

Bonnie Tamillo from the medical surgery ICU team received the nomination from two UI Health employees. Bonnie goes above and beyond in her passion and dedication for patients who need palliative care. She strives for every patient to have a dignified death, providing all medical comforts in a home environment. Bonnie is not only the nurse you want to take care of you and your loved one; she is also the nurse you want as your advocate.

Emergency Department 2ndJoan Martellotto R.N. Ph.D.
from Islet Cell transplant

Joan Martellotto from Islet Cell Transplant received the nomination from a patient who had Type I Diabetes paired with an inability to recognize low-blood sugar, which left the patient in a vulnerable state. Joan was described as having a presence that projects peace and tranquility when she enters a room, and she made a life-changing medical procedure less frightening. Joan is the very essence of what the Daisy Award stands for in her profession.