Safety Star Award

The Safety Star award highlights the providers and staff who help ensure quality and safety in our care environments. Safety Star awardees are models for how to prioritize patient and employee safety at UI Health.

February 2023

Susan MillsSusan Mills

Employee Submission: Matthew Clinger

I've had the pleasure of working with Susan for several years and am impressed and humbled at her commitment to quality and safety throughout the various care environments of the Hospital. Susan consistently models best practices related to the UI Health Culture of Safety, serving as a model partner of quality and safety in her daily interactions with patients and employees alike. During a recent encounter on a Med Surg floor of the Hospital, Susan independently and proactively identified a safety opportunity that reduced the likelihood of employee and patient injuries during mobility. Susan identified malfunctioning equipment, coordinated with unit leadership to determine how best to replace and repair this equipment, and closed the gap/loop by further connecting this team to additional resources to support safe mobility: both in the short- and the long-term. This is just one isolated example where Susan has gone above and beyond her daily work responsibilities to promote a culture of safety and accountability. Thank you for being a great role model, team player, and safety advocate, Susan!!!