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Safety Star Award

The Safety Star award highlights the providers and staff who help ensure quality and safety in our care environments. Safety Star awardees are models for how to prioritize patient and employee safety at UI Health.

September 2022

Javier SedilloJavier Sedillo

Employee Submission: Emily Krzyminski

Javier deserves this recognition because his scope regarding quality and safety reaches far and wide across the hospital, despite holding a position within the Pathology Laboratories. For example, when specimens are received with incorrect identifiers, incorrect Epic orders, incorrect information, etc., Javier personally reaches out to a patient’s care team to correct the issue. In instances where errors are repeated, he has worked with collecting units like GI, Derm, OR, IR to help address concerns. Our team knows when repeat errors occur because Javier collects robust data on specimen collection, and he is able to pinpoint areas that need assistance in collecting specimens correctly for their patients. This assistance has been accomplished through in-person or virtual educational sessions with the OR, and in-person conversations with leaders in Derm and GI. He does this because this is what is best for the patient. Providing this kind of feedback and education to various units takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate and complete, but he meticulously follows up with each and every care team when a problem specimen requires escalation. In doing this, he has been able to drastically reduce specimen errors from collection areas across UI Health. Javier is deserving of this recognition because his focus is truly on safety and quality for our patients, which is why he takes the time to work across UI Health in addition to his duties to monitor safety and quality monitors within the Pathology Laboratories.