This Is Personal

This is not a tagline. This is the commitment we have made to our patients. We care. We strive to make a difference. We work to be the best for our patients every day.
This is personal because it is our mission to provide the best healthcare to every person that walks through our doors.

"UI Health cured my sickle cell disease and saved my life."

- Kamia, sickle cell patient

Kamia was going to the hospital every four weeks with pain crises caused by sickle cell disease. Then in 2013, she received a stem cell transplantation at UI Health that cured her sickle cell disease - and she hasn't been hospitalized since. "I still have to pinch myself and say, 'This is real.'"

Kamia This Is Personal

"My doctor said I had the best transplant team in Chicago ... He was right."

- Dave, liver transplant recipient

Ashley gave her dad, Dave, the liver he needed to save his life. The Transplant Team at UI Health gave them the care that ensured they'd be celebrating their "transplant anniversary" for years to come.

Dave and Ashley This is Personal

"My advice? Don't wait until you have a stroke -  have a plan now"
-Jason, 2-time stroke survivor

Jason was a Division I basketball player before he had a stroke. When he had a second stroke, his roommate knew the signs and immediately called 911. Jason was taken to the Comprehensive Stroke Center at UI Health, where his stroke was treated before it could cause permanent damage. Today, he's back on the court.


"UI Health is the best-kept secret in Chicago - that's why we work here. " 

- Tanya & Bryan, real UI Health nurses

Our dedication to our community is what makes UI Health special. Our nationally ranked doctors and award-winning nurses take pride in serving everyone. 


Nurses - This Is Personal