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Do I need access to Epic? 

Epic is going to be our integrated EHR system with an integrated billing system. Epic will replace the use of several systems at UI Health. If you are currently using any of these systems, you will need access to Epic:

  • Cerner Millennium, Cerner Clairvia (Cerner)
  • WWT Epic Professional Billing (Epic) 
  • HealthQuest (McKesson) 
  • Document Direct (AITS) 
  • ECIN (Allscripts) 
  • MedMined (BD)
  • Midas Plus (Conduent) 
  • HealthPay24 (Image Vision) 
  • EnterpriseRx (McKesson) 
  • SunQuest (SunQuest) 
  • Surgical Compass (Advisory Board) 
  • Teletracking & Transfer Center (Teletracking) 
  • TransChart (TransChart)   

How do I get access?

To gain access, all users must have an active UI Health Account. To request one, please work with your Departmental Access Requestor (AR). To determine who your AR is, call the Help Desk at 312.413.7717 or email ask3i@uic.edu.