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Primary care. Specialty care. Tertiary care. UI Health is proud to provide a full range of healthcare services, so patients across Chicagoland and the state of Illinois have access to all levels of care at one location.

Why We’re a Top Hospital

Top Doctors

UI Health physicians are national leaders in clinical care and research. Dozens of our providers have been recognized among the best doctors in Chicago in a number of specialties, including cancer treatment. And we consistently have more than 100 providers named to the America’s Top Doctors list each year. Our groundbreaking research and breakthrough procedures allows our doctors to provide the best treatment options to our patients. It is the mission of our doctors to ensure that our patients have always have access to safe, quality, and cost-effective care.

Sickle Cell Program

The Sickle Cell Program at UI Health is the only comprehensive sickle cell program in the Midwest and the only medical center outside the National Institutes of Health to offer a cure for sickle cell disease through bone marrow transplantation. UI Health provides individualized care for pediatric, transitional, and adult patients, and our hematologists and oncologists work to help patients with health maintenance and pain management, including blood infusion and transfusion therapies and stem cell transplantation. Patients in our program have access to a number of supportive services, including counseling, education and outreach, support groups, and national research studies. 

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Sickle Cell


Transplant Surgery

The Division of Transplantation at UI Health is a pioneer in the field of transplantation, and many procedures widely used today were first established at UI Health, including the first adult-to-adult living donor liver transplant in the United States and the world's first robotic donor nephrectomy for a living-donor kidney transplant. Our transplantation outcomes are among the most successful in Chicago, and we take pride in serving patients that frequently are refused transplantation at other medical centers due to antibody levels, blood-type incompatibilities, or body mass index. 

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Neurology & Neurosurgery

The Neuroscience Program at UI Health provides the highest level of care for neurological conditions and diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles. UI Health is one of just four Chicago hospitals certified by The Joint Commission as a Comprehensive Stroke Center, providing the highest level of stroke care for the most complex stroke cases 24/7. Our Bi-plane Neuro Angiographic Suite features advanced imaging technology that allows for increased accuracy in diagnosing neurological conditions like aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) and successfully treats them with minimally invasive techniques. The expertise and technologies developed by our neurologists and neurosurgeons allow us to provide procedures and treatments that few hospitals can offer, and patients are referred to us from not only the Chicagoland area but from around the country and world.

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Bariatric Surgery Program

The Bariatric Surgery Program at UI Health is recognized as an MBSAQIP-accredited Comprehensive Center with Adolescent Qualifications — the highest level of certification. Our adult, adolescent, and pediatric bariatric programs feature a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, nurses, medical consultants, dieticians, psychologists, and exercise physiologists to provide complete tertiary care for bariatric patients. We can manage the most challenging bariatric cases with optimal opportunity for safe and effective outcomes, and physicians across Chicagoland refer their most complex cases to UI Health.

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