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Asthma Patient Support Group

Every Month

The UI Health Asthma Patient Support Group brings together adult asthma patients and healthcare providers to talk about asthma triggers, treatments, and feelings about diagnosis in a supportive environment. We meet monthly on Saturday mornings.

The Center for Lung Health 
Outpatient Care Center, Suite 3C 
1801 W. Taylor St. 
Chicago, IL 60612 

10–11:30 am 

Upcoming Asthma Support Group Meetings
Date Topic
Dec. 7, 2019 How to Deal with Asthma When Traveling
Jan. 25, 2020 How to Handle Cold & Flu + Asthma Technology
Feb. 15 Sleep Disorders and Asthma
March 14 Managing Stress and Anxiety
April 18 Achoo! Dealing with Pollen and Mold Allergies
May 9 Smoking Environments and Asthma