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Diabetes Wellness Classes

Every Month

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The Diabetes Wellness program at the UI Health offers several classes, in English and Spanish, to help you manage diabetes and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

New class schedules are updated monthly.

  • New class schedules coming soon.

Class descriptions are listed below:

Diabetes Evaluation

This hour visit is to welcome you and introduce you to the diabetes program. We need to get to know you and understand your individual learning needs. Please bring your medication and health history list.

Diabetes 101 Class

This hour class in an introduction to diabetes. This class discusses what diabetes is and how you will take care of yourself. This is a good class for anyone who feels they do not know much about their diabetes condition.

Meet Your Meter Class

This class gives an introduction to blood sugar monitoring and finding blood sugar meters that best suit your personal needs. Demonstration of the meters is given and patients have an opportunity to practice with their new meters and log books.

Understanding Insulin Class

This hour class gives A-Z instruction on how insulin works in the body, types and actions of different insulins, delivery options and devices, site rotation and signs/ symptoms to watch for. You will be shown a demo and will be given the opportunity to practice.

Ask The Pharmacist Class

This hour class provides detail about diabetes oral medications. The class answers questions about your medication regimen, proper use, possible side effects, food-drug interactions, and what to expect when taking medications.

What's To Eat Class

This hour class explains which foods affect your blood sugar and how much you should eat. Carbohydrates, fat, and proteins are identified with serving sizes. The role of these food groups in blood sugar control is reviewed.

Advanced Carbohydrate Class

This hour class is for the person who has taken the What's to Eat class or who already understands what carbohydrates are. The class focuses on gram counting and specific meal planning skills. Glucose control is focus.

Diabetes And Your Emotions

This hour class is meant to help you to understand how health conditions can take a toll on your mental health. We discuss types of mood disorders and depression & assist you in getting any help you may need.

Food Fats And Salt Class

This hour class focuses on dietary fats and cholesterol, lipid blood work goals, blood pressure and sodium guidelines, food sources of potassium, and ways to flavor and improve foods by using lower fat and sodium products.

Diabetes And Pregnancy Class

This 1 hour class is fun and interactive to help the pregnant woman understand how to control her blood sugars during pregnancy. Dietary guidelines are given, blood sugar goals, and glucose meters for those who require them.

For more information about Diabetes Education contact the UI Hospital Diabetes Education Coordinator at 312.413.4309