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Headshot of Bartlomiej M. Calka, Physician, Internal Medicine

Bartlomiej M. Calka, DO, MA, MS

Internal Medicine

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Dr. Bartlomiej Calka is an internal medicine physician at UI Health. Dr. Calka is board-certified in both internal medicine and nephrology, and his clinical focus is on providing care to adults with chronic and acute medical conditions in the hospital setting with an emphasis on quality, evidence-based, patient-focused care.

Gender: Male
Preferred Pronouns: He/Him

Language : English, Polish

Specialties & Services


University of Illinois Hospital

1740 W. Taylor St.
Chicago, IL 60612


  • Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine, Nephrology)
  • Board Certification: American Osteopathic Association
  • Fellowship: Maine Medical Center — Portland, Maine
  • Residency: University of Pennsylvania Medical Center–Pinnacle — Harrisburg, PA
  • Internship: University of Pennsylvania Medical Center–Pinnacle — Harrisburg, PA
  • Medical School: Kansas City University — Kansas City MO