Branded clothing or wearables and giveaway merchandise are important tactics in building a connection to the UI Health brand — for customers, patients, and our staff. Merchandise should reflect and reinforce the quality and reputation of UI Health. The design will reflect the brand guidelines and method of manufacturing should also be of a high standard. 

Basic Merchandise Guidelines

  1. This is the only time a service line name is allowed to be used near the UI Health logo.
  2. On dark apparel, the logo and text should be white or a bright silver to allow contrast with the merchandise.
  3. If a full-color logo is to be used on dark apparel, the text UI Health, UIC, service line name, and the vertical line should be white.
  4. Only one logo is to be used.

For guidance and approval of all UI Health-branded material, please consult UI Health Marketing.

Embroidery Specs

  1. Minimum text height is 17.5 pts or 0.175 inches tall.
  2. The service line logo should be typeset in all caps with Gotham Bold.
  3. If the logo is full color, the service line text should be PMS 308, the same as the blue IL and UIC button.
  4. The service line text is centered under the UI Health logo and placed three (3) times the X height of the font as shown below.

UI Health Fleece and Labor and Delivery Logo

UI Health logo on Hat

Less is More
With certain items such as hats, the style is to have less text or images. Keep it simple with just the UI Health logo. The simplicity improves the perception of quality and better renforces the brand. If you need the secondary text, add it to the side or back of the hat.

Small-print Silk Screen
Certain items such as pens and sunglasses have a small imprint area of 2 inches x 0.25 inches. This requires using text or the UI Health logo but not on the same imprint area. Depending on the product and vendor, multiple surfaces could be an option to allow for the UI Health logo and secondary text.

Glasses and Pen