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Logos & Guidelines

We are excited to announce a new logo that shows the connection and relationship between the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System (UI Health) and the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). The new co-brand continues the growth of UI Health as the preferred and consumer-friendly name for the health entity, and also illustrates the relationship to UIC.  

Basic Overall Guidelines

  • The 4 IL and UI Health marks always come before the UIC button.
  • The relationship-description line — University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System is part of the University of Illinois at Chicago — should be part of the primary lockup as shown below; however, there are certain instances when the relationship line might be moved away from the logo lockup. For example, when the logo lockup is used as a heading, then the relationship line should be visible at the bottom of the page.
  • When talking to patients or writing patient material, UI Health is the correct term to use. Do not use UI Health UIC, UIC, or UIC Health.
  • The full-color logos are to be used on white backgrounds. One-color logos (white) should be placed on simple, colored backgrounds that follow the UI Health brand guidelines. If printing on white and you require a one-color logo you are must to use 90% black or 75% black logos. 

Primary Lockup

The UI Health logo with blue UIC button is the primary co-brand and shall be used on most materials, such as advertisements, patient materials, and banners.

Primary Logo 4 color no text

Download 4 color logo: vector PDF  or  300dpi PNG

Abbreviated Lockup

The abbreviated marks for UI Health & UIC can be used after the first use of the primary logo or enterprise logo on multipage documents or internal PowerPoint slides. 
UI Health Abbreviated Logo
Download 4 color logo: vector PDF  or  300dpi PNG

Additional Resources

Additional resources, including PowerPoint templates, Email signatures, Digital Letterhead, and more can be found on the UI Health Marketing Toolkit. Also, for an updated statement about UI Health click here. New business cards can be ordered from UIC Publications in the coming weeks.
If you have questions, please contact UIHealthMKTG@uic.edu.

Logo Usage

  • The Primary Logo should be used in all general communications from UI Health.
  • The Primary Logo should also be used in all communications referring to clinical care or translational
    research from the health sciences colleges.
  • The Secondary Logos can be used in situations where space is limited.
  • The Logo + Department Identifier can be used in communications from or about a specific department.

Color Guidelines

Below are the colors that can be used for typography headlines and background colors. These are not the colors of the IL Bug. 
If you need the PMS colors of the full color IL Bug for embroidery or external signage please contact uihealthmktg@uic.edu

Typeface Guidelines

Process and Spot ColorHeadlines Gotham Light, body copy and call to action fonts