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Meet the Team

The UI Health Marketing Team is comprised of clinical service representatives, creative service designers, web strategists, and branding & communication specialists.  Our goal is to focus our resources on developing and supporting a strong unified brand for the clinical services at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System. The Rationale?  The hospital is a significant source of revenue for the university and can represent the organization as a whole.  A strong healthcare brand will benefit every department.  Marketing as one is more cost efficient than dividing our resources into multiple individual efforts.

The Marketing Team is making it easier to access the marketing assistance you need. Suggestions are welcome through the Marketing Team email

UI Health Marketing Team:

Rachel Paus
Senior Director

William (Rick) Sunderman
Business Administration Associate

Community Outreach

Pilar Carmona
Senior Associate Director, Community Outreach

Clinical Services & Internal Communications and Marketing

Sophia Barish
Marketing Specialist, Internal Communications and Marketing

LaNeysha Campbell
Marketing Specialist, Clinical Services Marketing

Creative Services

Hoss Fatemi
Assistant Director, Creative Services

Bob Reddy
Graphic Designer

Web & Digital Services

Eric Pitt
Assistant Director, Web and Digital Strategy

Jonathan McIntire
Web Coordinator, Web and Digital Strategy

Edgar Reynoso
Web & Graphics Specialist, Web and Digital Strategy

Tim Schulte
Marketing Content Strategist, Web and Digital Strategy

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