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Welcome to UI Health

You're not just a health provider, you are an ambassador of the UI Health brand!

Every touch point with a patient and provider is an opportunity to reinforce our brand, provide a cohesive experience for our patients, and represent UI Health in a professional matter.

The Hospital & Clinic and the COM leadership teams request that you have the following:

Find-a-Doc Profile

Create Your Find-A-Doctor Profile

The more information available about you online, the more likely patients are to choose you for their care.

Lab Coat

Get Your New Lab Coat

Look the part when you walk the halls of UI Health.

Email Signature

Update Your Email Signature

With a branded email signature, your colleagues will have all your official contact information in an easy-to-read, easy-to-access format.

Business Cards

Request Your New Business Cards

It’s the easy way to share your info with patients — and network with other providers.

Get your photo taken

Get a Professional Headshot

To be used in Find-a-Doc, internal and external communications,  credentialing, etc.