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Filming Schedule and Fees

Thank you for your interest in UI Health as a possible filming location.

Hospital Administration is responsible for management of all commercial filming, videotaping, and photography on campus. Several campus units (police, parking, housing, physical plant) may be involved in a single project, and they depend on Hospital Administration to screen requests and, when necessary, to coordinate their efforts. Patient care activities will be given priority consideration and all commercial filming, videotaping and photography that is allowed will be subject to this.

Production companies must sign a Location Agreement. A film/photography request is confirmed only when all the following conditions have been met:

  1. Specific dates and locations are approved by Hospital Administration and do not interfere with normal Hospital business, prior commitments, or scheduled events
  2. Script has been approved by Hospital Administration
  3. Availability of police and other safety and facilities personnel is assured
  4. Availability of parking space is assured
  5. Cashier's check payable to UI Health for all fees and estimated charges has been received by Hospital Administration not less than 48 hours before filming
  6. Certificate of insurance has been received by Hospital Administration not less than 72 hours before filming
  7. Location Agreement signed by the production company has been received by Hospital Agreement
  8. Fees may be waived or amended at the sole discretion of UI Health for promotional considerations.

Please complete this form and allow two business days for a response from our staff.



Standard Price

Still photography

$1,000 per day**

Independent film and TV shows; documentaries

$5,000 per day

Commercials, film & video

$5,000 per day

Studio movie, made-for-TV movie

$10,000 per day

Prep & Wrap (must not disrupt normal facility operations)

$2,500 per day

*Fees are for use of Hospital property.
Actual expenses for additional Hospital and/or university support (police, facilities, housekeeping) will also be charged.

**Per day fee is charged per calendar day or part thereof.