Mile Square Health Center Achieves Top Marks for Patient-Centered Care with Prestigious Dual Recognition

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

In a groundbreaking feat, Mile Square Health Center achieves an unprecedented milestone in healthcare excellence: all of its site, including its school-based clinics, have earned both Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and badges of distinction from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). This accomplishment marks the first instance of such widespread dual recognition within the prestigious UI Health network and signifies Mile Square's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional, patient-centered care throughout Chicago’s most underserved community.

“At Mile Square, our patient-centered care model is not just a philosophy; it is a practice ingrained in our daily operations,” said Henry Taylor, President and CEO of Mile Square Health Center. “We go beyond traditional healthcare models by assessing the holistic needs of each patient. Our multidisciplinary team, including physicians, pharmacists, midwives, nutritionists, dentists, behavioral health specialists, and care coordinators, collaborates seamlessly to provide a 'one-stop shop' for our community's health concerns. This approach ensures that every aspect of a patient's health, from physical to emotional well-being, is addressed comprehensively, empowering every patient to flourish and achieve optimal well-being.”

PCMH Deemed Health CenterNational Quality Leader Behavioral Health Center Access Enhancer Deemed Health Center Advancing HIT for Quality Deemed Health Center Health Disparities Reducer Deemed Health Center

NCQA PCMH Recognition: The NCQA PCMH designation signifies that Mile Square exceeds national benchmarks for patient-centeredness, access, communication, and care coordination. This recognition translates to:

  • Enhanced patient experience: Personalized care plans, open communication with providers, and streamlined access to appointments and preventive services.
  • Improved health outcomes: Proven results in reducing chronic disease rates, lowering healthcare costs, and enhancing patient satisfaction.
  • Stronger community ties: Active collaboration with local resources and social services to address broader health determinants.

HRSA Badges of Distinction: Mile Square has also been awarded coveted badges from HRSA’s Community Health Quality Recognition (CHQR) program, acknowledging its exceptional performance in the following areas:

  • National Quality Leader: Ranked among the top 10% of health centers nationwide for exceeding clinical care benchmarks, resulting in improved patient outcomes.
  • National Quality Leader — Behavioral Health: Consistently achieving top-tier performance in mental health and substance use care, ensuring comprehensive and integrated well-being.
  • Access Enhancer: Significantly expanding patient access by continuing to offer a broader range of services, such as dental, behavioral health, endocrinology, and infectious disease to cater to diverse community needs.
  • Health Disparities Reducer: Actively implementing patient outreach to address health disparities and achieve equitable access to quality care for underserved populations.
  • Advancing HIT for Quality: Utilizing innovative health information technology to enhance patient communication, streamline care coordination, and optimize medication management, leading to improved patient safety, efficiency, and satisfaction.

These groundbreaking achievements position Mile Square Health Center as a leader in patient-centered care within the UI Health network and across Chicago. The combined recognition reflects the health center’s unwavering dedication to building healthier communities and empowering individuals to achieve their full health potential.