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Information about Ebola and Screening at UI Health (updated 10-27-2014)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola is a rare disease originating from West Africa. There are currently isolated cases of Ebola in the United States involving health care workers. The virus is not spread by casual contact; it is only spread by close contact with blood and body fluids of someone who has the Ebola virus.

In order to protect our patients, staff, and visitors,  it is important to screen everyone who has an appointment at UI Health. Screening for the virus just means that we will be asking you a couple of brief questions about your recent travel history, as well as your symptoms. When you come to our hospital or one of our clinics you may see signs as a reminder to think about your recent travel and how you are feeling. Our staff will also ask you questions about where you've traveled and how you feel.

Our hospital has already trained doctors and nurses so that they are prepared to care for an Ebola patient if needed. We've done this to make sure we maintain a safe and welcoming place for our patients, visitors, and staff.

For additional information about Ebola you can visit the following websites:

Thank you for your cooperation and help in preventing the spread of Ebola.