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Latin American Health Weeks Opening Ceremony

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Latin American Health Weeks was inaugurated by 13 Latin American Consulates at the Office of the Mexican Consulate, Carlos Macias, Monday, October 7.
UI Health screened at total of 51 individuals, of those 27 had normal screenings and 24 had elevated screenings, 29 were female and 22 were male participants. Those with elevated blood pressure screenings were referred to Mile Square Health Centers and their primary care physicians.

Jose de la Cruz, M.D., Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Regional Director of Pan-American Cornea Society & Grace M. Knuitten, M.D. Interventional Radiology, provided health education radio interviews in their respective areas to the Latino community on Univision Radio 1200 AM.

The Latin American Health Weeks (LHW) is a series of annual health fairs, informational workshops, conferences, medical exams/screenings and other activities organized by 13 Latin American Consulates in the Midwest and their network of agencies, health departments, hospitals, community organizations, schools and churches.

The program seeks to unite an existing network of agencies to organize various platforms that provide care through medical screenings, treatments, healthcare referrals, education on health insurance coverage, and general health education and outreach.

The LHW has its origins in the Bi-national Health Week as the largest mobilization effort in the Americas to improve the health and well-being of the underserved Latino population living in the United States and Canada. The annual Bi-national Health Week is always inaugurated by a Bi-national Policy Forum on Migration and Global Health. Since 2009 with the participation of Latin American Consulates in the Midwest, the event transformed into what is now known as the Latin American Health Weeks. The Office of the Mexican Consulate is the largest consulate office in Chicago. The Mexican Consulates Office, in our back yard has taken the lead in organizing these health related events.

Save the Date: LHW Health Fair Oct. 19, 9-2PM Little Village Academy, 2620 S. Lawndale, Chicago, IL.