Physicians Listened to More Than Just Her Heart

Estelle Slaughter
"Increasingly debilitated from heart failure
for years, Estelle was running in circles
trying to find the right care. "I was losing
faith but then the Lord pointed me to
UI Health."

Physicians listened to more than just her heart. They listened to her and that made all the difference.

I had been feeling bad for a long time, going from place to place trying to get help-and taking pills that didn't seem to do anything. It's so frustrating when you feel like doctors don't really take the time to listen to you or do the tests that need to be done.

By the time I came to University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System, I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. I was like a toddler trying to walk. My legs were in nonstop pain every day. Sometimes I had chest pains, too. I couldn't go more than half a block without getting out of breath and feeling like I was going to faint.

But when I came to UI Health, Dr. Rosman and Dr. Stamos turned my health around. I liked them right way because they took the time to find out what was going on with me and did things the proper way.

They diagnosed me with heart failure and high blood pressure. Then they switched my medications, and I started to improve-

Now I can walk many blocks without getting out of breath, and I feel good! My blood pressure is healthier, and Dr. Stamos says my cardiac ultrasound shows that my heart function is now completely normal.

I might be 70 years old, but I'm a very active person when I'm not in pain. I have important things to do - especially keeping up with my 12 grandkids and two great grand kids!

I am so happy that the doctors and nurses at UI Health really care about me. They helped me get back to normal after so many years of wasting time.