One purpose, two buses, three generations of care

Denise Stroger

Denise believes in the power of information and encourages young people to take advantage of all that's offered at Mile Square Health Center. She gives back to her community through serving on the board and volunteering.

Denise Stroger's commitment to Mile Square Health Center runs deep; she travels the distance for her family's care and to give back

What I've learned at Mile Square Health Center has made a big difference in my life. I've gone there since I was a baby. I took my kids and now I take my grandbabies to Near West for their shots and check-ups. I'm so impressed with the care that I take two bus lines to get there. There's a nice feeling when you walk in; everyone you meet is friendly and helpful. You can even learn something while you wait with the teachable moment videos that play in the waiting room. And the doctors really take time with the kids. I appreciate all of the doctors that have cared for me and my children.

Through the years, I've gone to lots of programs the center offers. I've learned how to eat healthy and feed my kids healthier food through their nutritional programs and health education classes. Before, I just did what my mother did. But I learned how to read labels, eat from all the food groups and pay attention to how much we eat. And it's paid off. I'm rarely sick and my youngest daughter, who's a college student now, eats healthy also.

Miles Square Health Center makes a difference in our neighborhoods too. I serve on the board to help promote the many services, and I volunteer through their partnership with Chicago Commons, teaching classes and helping children, parents and seniors who are at risk for poverty, violence and have other disadvantages. These programs empower them and improve their well-being.