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Searching for a Type 1 Diabetes Cure

Hamish and Tamara Campbell are devoted to managing their daughter's diabetes while working for a cure.

"I hate waking her in the night for finger sticks the most. Testing 10 times a day, injecting insulin 4 times a day, evaluating and monitoring Isla's blood sugar levels is a 24/7 obsession for us" says Tamara. "But we wanted to do more than just hope for a cure, so Hamish chose to participate in the Chicago Diabetes Project's fundraising event, a marathon in New York City. He's not a runner. But the goal, to raise money to find a functional cure for type 1 diabetes, was all the motivation he needed."

That goal is not just a dream. UI Health's unique organization includes researchers, physicians and institutions from around the world working together to reach their goal of achieving insulin independence for type 1 patients like Isla.

By transplanting insulin-producing islet cells in a form that is tolerated (not rejected) by the body, and conducting clinical trials to prove the treatment remains working over time, this 'functional cure' is close to becoming a reality. And what will that mean to the Campbells? Tamara says it best. "To meet Dr. Oberholzer and hear him speak so inspiringly about a cure was beyond words for us. His intense commitment and the work of the Chicago Diabetes Project means our little girl could be living insulin free in the foreseeable future-maybe before she starts kindergarten."