Eye & Ear Infirmary (EEI)

Services at the Eye & Ear Infirmary

The Department of Audiology provides comprehensive services for all types of hearing- and balance-related conditions, helping patients manage their problems, counteract stigma associated with hearing issues, and contribute to quality of life.

Ophthalmology (Dry Eye and Ocular GVHD)
In the Dry Eye and ocular GVHD Clinic, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to assess the severity and type of dry eye. We use customized treatments to treat dry eye and ocular GVHD. We have established a unique translational research program that makes feasible the discovery and development of novel treatments for Dry Eye and ocular GVHD. This program comprises of a highly specialized ocular GVHD clinic for patient care, an advanced translational molecular biology laboratory for uncovering disease mechanisms, dedicated clinical trial center for developing new therapies and a highly motivated team who seamlessly connect these components. The clinical practice and basic laboratory research are highly integrated around the focus area of dry eye and ocular GVHD, which has allowed us to investigate the biological basis of clinical observations in dry eye and ocular GVHD.

Nephrology (Kidney Disease)
Specialized clinics to treat kidney disease include:

  • Renal Hypertension Clinic
  • Dialysis Clinic

Our Location

Eye and Ear Infirmary (EEI)
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