Personal Health Care Resources

Below is a list of online resources to help you and your family manage your health care history. 

  • MyChart is a secure online tool for you to view medical records and communicate with your healthcare providers. Cost: Free 
  • Open Payments System is a government-run website to make drug and devices companies' involvement with doctors more transparent. Cost: Free 
  • One Medical Passport is an online tool for recording and sending health history and information to healthcare providers.  You can update your medical history securely via the Internet.  Options are available within Medical Passport for secure storage of your own personal information without submitting a request to a medical facility or physician. Cost: Free 
  • WebMD's personal account allows you to track your weight, manage your vaccinations, join discussion groups, and subscribe to health and wellness newsletters. Cost: Free 

    Please note: except for MyChart, UI Health is not affiliated nor in partnership with any of the above companies or organizations.

Additionally, visit the MyChart section of our website to gather more information on conditions and treatments, takes health quizzes, and more.