Kidney Cancer Treatment


If you are facing kidney cancer, know that there are numerous treatment options available. Treatment plans will depend on the stage and severity of the cancer. It is important to discuss all available treatment options with your doctor so that you can choose the treatment plan that is best suited for you. 
Some of the treatment options we offer are:

Nephron Sparing Surgery
During this procedure, a surgeon will remove tumors of the kidney while saving the remaining normal kidney.  While parts of the kidney will be missing, you will still have a functioning kidney.

Robotic Assisted Partial Nephrectomy
Patients diagnosed with small kidney tumors have the option of undergoing a robotic assisted partial nephrectomy.  During this minimally-invasive procedure, a surgeon will remove the tumors with the assistance of a robot.  The rest of the kidney is left intact, leaving the patient with a functioning kidney.  Very small incisions are made for this procedure, which can significantly reduce scarring and recovery time.

Image Guided Thermal Ablation
This procedure is an option for patients with small tumors in their kidneys.  During this procedure, your doctor will use imaging guidance to insert needlelike applicators into the tumors of the kidney.  Either intense heat or cold is applied directly to the tumor, which destroys the tissues. 

Minimally Invasive Nephrectomy 
During this procedure, a surgeon will remove an entire kidney that contains a tumor or tumors.  This is done as a minimally invasive procedure, there mini-incisions are created for the surgical procedure.  This method reduces scarring and overall recovery time.       

Chemotherapy and Targeted Therapy
Chemotherapy drugs can be given through the veins or by mouth.  Unfortunately, cancer cells in the kidney generally do not respond well to chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy is only used after other treatment methods have been tried, such as targeted therapy or immunotherapy.