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Imaging/Diagnostics and Follow-Up Care

The patient will need to see a Urologist if their screening results are abnormal. A diagnosis of prostate cancer is made following a needle biopsy. In some cases, an MRI scan of the prostate is needed to guide the needle during biopsy.

Prostate Biopsy
If a patient's PSA is elevated, the Urologist may recommend having a prostate biopsy as your next step. A prostate biopsy is an outpatient procedure to obtain tissue samples of the prostate. By examining these samples under a microscope, your care team determines whether or not there is prostate cancer.

Multidisciplinary Tumor Board
All cases are discussed weekly with a group of experts from Pathology, Urology, Radiology, Medical Oncology, and Radiation Oncology. This helps UI Health activate the most effective plan for prostate cancer treatment.

Cancer Survivorship
We are here to help you adjust to life after prostate cancer. UI Health offers comprehensive follow up and treatment for any physical or psychosocial long-term effects of the cancer treatment. This includes penile rehabilitation, treatment of erectile dysfunction, and urinary incontinence that may be associated with prostate cancer treatment. 

Clinical Trials
UI Health is always at the forefront of innovation and research to provide the best possible care for our patients.