Testicular Cancer Treatments

Our team of expert providers is dedicated to giving the best personalized care possible that can help produce the best results for each individual patient and their unique needs.

Testicular Cancer Treatments

  • Surgery: Removes one or both of the testicles and some lymph nodes to help decide if the cancer has spread.
  • Chemotherapy: Terminates and stops cancer cells from growing.
  • Radiation therapy: Kills and keeps the cancer from spreading.

Here is some additional information you should know about testicular cancer treatment:

  • Having one testicle removed for treatment will not affect your sex drive or your ability to have an erection and or orgasm.  
  • Infertility is one of the most serious side effects of testicular cancer treatment. However, if you want to have children, you can freeze your sperm before starting treatment. For more information about sperm banking, click here.

Additional services provided to assist with testicular cancer treatment: 

  • Sperm banking prior to treatment - extraction and storage of sperm prior to chemotherapy 
  • Cancer survivorship - fertility services and placement of testicular implants after testicle removal