High-Risk Pregnancy and Emergency Care

Obstetrical Emergency Room (OBER) Unit

We have a specialized OB Emergency Room (OBER) dedicated to pregnant women from the moment pregnancy is confirmed to the postpartum.  Our OBER is for urgent or emergent care for complications related to pregnancy.  The OBER is staffed with providers, nurses, and support staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This direct access allows us to treat our patients by providing maternity-focused care, which provides our patients piece of mind. 

Patients arriving through the main Emergency Department will be escorted to the OBER located on the 4th floor of the Family Birth Place.

High-Risk Obstetrical Unit

Some women experience a high-risk pregnancy, meaning there is an increased risk for health problems that may affect the mother, baby, or both.  There are numerous factors that may contribute to a high-risk pregnancy including: medical history, maternal age, lifestyle choices, pregnancy complications, or multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, etc.).

At the UI Health Family Birth Place, our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Team provides comprehensive high risk antepartum (before delivery) care for expectant mothers. High risk OB rooms are single occupancy to promote personalized, high-quality care for you and your family. UI Health OB nurses are specially trained to care for women experiencing high-risk pregnancies.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

UI Health and Children's Hospital University of Illinois provide the highest level of neonatal care available.  We offer 24-hour in-hospital care by neonatologists who are supported by subspecialists from the Children's Hospital to ensure your child is receiving the best care possible. Our NICU is a 49-bed unit that delivers a range of care appropriate to the growing premature infant, infants who are having critical and life-threatening conditions, and infants who are in their recovery phase.  Parents are an integral member of our care team, and we promote healthy living options, including the use of breast milk.

All of the staff work as a team to help provide your baby with the best possible care while hospitalized.  We understand that being hospitalized can be very stressful for both the patients and their family.  We will do our best to help make sure that your hospital stay is manageable and that the focus stays on your baby and family as we work together to prepare your baby for their eventual discharge home.  Click here to learn more out our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit