Preoperative Instructions

The Day Before

Regardless of the type of procedure you are having, we ask that you call the unit 312.996.4175 to confirm the time you should arrive.  It is important that you arrive at the time you are instructed. If you are late we may need to delay or even reschedule you.

The Night Before

  • If you are scheduled for a surgical procedure, you may have been given a preoperative skin prep. Please follow the instructions given to you. You may call the Birthing Center at 312.996.4175 if clarification is needed.
  • If you have been scheduled for surgery, please follow the instructions you were given for eating and drinking. If you have been told nothing by mouth after midnight, remember: This means no water, gum, mints, or alcohol. Eating or drinking to close to your surgery time will cause a delay and even rescheduling of your surgery. If you have any questions regarding when you can eat or drink, please call the unit at312.996.4175.
  • If you are scheduled for a nonsurgical procedure, such as an induction of labor, please check with your provider regarding eating and drinking instructions.

The Morning Of

  • Before you leave your house, please call the unit at 312.996.4175 to confirm your arrival time. Your surgery or procedure may be delayed if there are emergencies on the unit.

General Instructions

  • Do not wear contact lenses, lotion, makeup, perfume, or jewelry to the hospital.
  • Please do not bring valuables or large sums of money to the hospital. We are unable to be responsible for these items.
  • Please leave your children at home. We cannot provide childcare services.
  • You may have one support person in the operating room with you for a cesarean section if you are receiving spinal or epidural anesthesia. However, if you are receiving general anesthesia, your support person will not be allowed into the operating room.