Breastfeeding Tips

Should I breastfeed my baby?

Breastfeeding Benefits: 

  • It provides warmth, closeness, and the physical contact that helps you to create a special bond with your baby.

Human milk has many benefits.

  • It is free, clean, always available, and always just the right temperature.
  • It changes as your baby grows — it has all the nutrients, vitamins, and calories that your baby needs to develop strong organs.
  • Human milk has antibodies and other nutrients — that formulas lack — to help protect your baby from diseases and infections.  
    • Breastfed babies have fewer ear infections, lung infections, diarrhea, and viral infections. 
    • Breastfeeding protects your baby against obesity, diabetes, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and some cancers.  

Breastfeeding benefits you:  

  • It helps to release hormones that promote mothering behavior; you can feel proud to know that your baby is growing healthy and strong because of your milk!
  • It helps your uterus to return to normal size and helps you to burn calories, which can help you lose the weight that you gained in pregnancy. 
  • It can reduce risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and keep your bones strong. 
  • It can help to delay your menstrual period, and keep your blood strong. 
  • It can help provide birth control if: 
    • You are breastfeeding at least eight times every 24 hours and not giving your baby formula 
    • Your baby is less than 6 months old
    • Your period hasn't started