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Prenatal Classes

Class 1: Understanding Pregnancy — The Body's Way to Prepare for Giving Birth
This course offers participants the opportunity to learn about changes that happen during the last trimester of pregnancy and the body's amazing transformation for birth. We will discuss your changing body and mind, reviewing feelings of comfort during the third trimester and normal emotional changes. We also will review the signs and symptoms of labor, management of early labor, and when it is time to call your provider. A great class to better understand your body's natural responses during pregnancy!

Class 2: Understanding Labor and Childbirth
This course offers participants a review of the procedures that happen during pregnancy, pain management, and post-delivery care. We will review what to expect when you come to the hospital in labor or for a scheduled induction. This class also includes an explanation of any medical interventions that may need to take place. We also will discuss general pain management including breathing techniques, relaxation, intravenous (IV) pain medication and the epidural. A great class to best prepare for the day of delivery!

Class 3: A Family-Centered Approach to Postpartum and Newborn Care
This course offers participants an overview of care provided for the mother and infant. We will review options for feeding your baby, newborn care, and what to expect in the days after birth. We will discuss when it is time to call your baby's healthcare provider. Now that baby is born, more changes are happening to your body. We will review normal expectations and emotions and when it is time to call your own provider. A great class to prepare for life after baby!

Class 4: Breastfeeding — The Best Start for Your Newborn
This course offers participants a comprehensive review of breastfeeding your newborn and what to expect when starting out. A great class for all mothers!